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all NYR Organic Consultants.

Please note: To ensure you receive your confirmation email when booking a training course please add info@nyrtraining.co.uk to your address book.

Whilst this is your very own business, here at NYR Organic we take training very seriously and aim to offer a comprehensive programme to as many Consultants as possible. This is in addition to the training that is provided by your upline leader. We offer induction training, business skills training and product training … and we have recently introduced the NYRO Leadership Academy which delivers leadership and personal development skills to our Team Leaders and above.

Our courses include ‘face-to-face’ training days at one of many regional venues across the UK (both in hotels and at our Covent Garden training rooms) and live video training through your smart phone, IPad or computer (utilising Zoom.us video – a free video conferencing tool). We also offer online training as well as written materials on the website. Whichever way you prefer to learn, there is training available to suit your style.

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We believe that INVESTING IN YOURSELF and in your skills development with NYRO is key to your success

Pop this TRAINING PASSPORT in your purse or wallet … so that it is always with you! Then each time you attend Company-led training, be sure to present it to whoever is leading the training to have it stamped. (If you don’t have a card, don’t worry; your trainer will have some with her!)

Once you have just 5 stamps, you return it to Consultant Services who will add a GIFT VOUCHER to the value of £25 to your Account once your passport has been verified!