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New Consultant Induction

Suitable for: New Consultants and anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge or hasn’t got started before (oops!) and those wanting to bring new joiners along with them.

Let us introduce you to NYR Organic and the bigger picture of Direct Selling too! Whether you have joined to party or sell in other settings, you will come away able to understand more about Points, Commissions, Ordering and the best ways to sell products. Come away from this day knowing where you are going!

Integrate NYRO into Your Therapy Business

Suitable for: ALL Therapists and Party Planners looking to grow their Team

This course is a must for every new Consultant who runs a therapy business of any kind. A great introduction to the Company to help you understand the mission and vision and the Neal’s Yard Remedies Brand. You will explore the many ways that you can do business and learn how to earn money and build your therapy business too! Learn how to order, to maximise your profits, what Points are all about, the Host Reward Programme and other support structures, which you can use in your therapy business.

This is also an ideal training for ‘Party Planners’ looking to grow their Teams and help you to recruit therapists and integrate NYRO into their business successfully!

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View the training calendar

View the training calendar

Product School

Suitable for: All

One of the best days for everyone! Explore Neal’s Yard Remedies’ values, understand our terminology and key ingredients that we use, don’t use – and why. Look at our most popular facial ranges, key ingredients and how to help our customers make the right choices for them. It’s a full day and you will want to bring a big notebook and a catalogue to make notes, and plenty of bare skin to try the products we talk about! WARNING!! You will have a shopping list by the end of the day!

Recruiting Skills – The Basics

Suitable for: All

Part of every Consultant’s and Therapist’s role is to tell people about the job we love. After all, we wouldn’t be here if no-one had shared the opportunity with us!

Would you love to grow a team but are simply not sure of how to get started and what responsibility you will have to take?  That’s where this training comes in! Learn how to spot those ‘sparkles’ or ‘leads’ and how to continue that recruitment journey.

So, whether you’ve recruited or not … or if you need to hone your recruiting skills; this is the perfect session for YOU.

View the training calendar

View the training calendar


Suitable for: Consultants who have recruited at least 3 ACTIVE Consultants

Build Your Team/Intermediate Recruiting Skills is a full day of in depth recruiting training for those that have already recruited at least three active consultants.

Learn how to empower your new joiners and support them as they take ownership of their business. Learn how to guide them through their Success Start programme into competent, confident and ACTIVE Consultants, ready to share the opportunity with others. As you grow your fledgling team, Team Leader (and beyond!) is in your sights. Learn how to establish ‘best practice’ that will help you to help others to develop their potential while keeping a sharp focus on your personal business! Explore the activities that will enable you to work SMART rather than harder and longer… and how to identify your own future leaders who will become part of your own leadership team.

You are taking the first steps towards becoming a leader with NYRO … let’s build those foundations strong!

Therapist Product School

Suitable for: Therapists

Hosted in Covent Garden by Suzanne Colston-Lynch, Neal’s Yard Remedies Head of Training, this is a day to try lots of products from our skincare ranges. Learn more about ingredients that we DON’T use, what it means to have certified organic ingredients and go home with a list of blue bottles you simply must have!

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