Denise Bonner

Denise Bonner, Global Head of NYR Organic heads up this direct selling channel as she has done from launch in 2009. You will meet Denise at special events throughout the year and at monthly Leaders meetings. Denise trains all aspects of direct selling having ‘grown up’ in the industry and has a passion for recruitment and sales training, Leadership development as well as business strategy planning.

Watch Denise’s Tips from the Top


Linda Emmott

Linda Emmott, National Sales and Development Manager. Training and coaching is what makes her heart sing! Linda began her second career, her direct selling journey, around 15 years ago. She firmly believes that building relationships and keeping things simple are key to success! Linda forged her career in direct selling, starting out as a Consultant and Leader, then developing her passion to coach and train others to success on their own terms. She has led and inspired field teams to record-breaking results and thrives on the joy of seeing people achieving what they thought to be impossible!

Suzanne Colston-Lynch

Suzanne is an expert in her field. She has studied beauty therapy, skin science, bio chemistry and aromatherapy and holistic therapies but ultimately it’s her knowledge gained through 25 years experience working with world renowned spa’s and natural beauty and skincare brands that qualifies her as the skincare expert at Neal’s Yard Remedies.
She joined Neal’s Yard Remedies 9 years ago to create training programs which are now used internationally to inspire and educate.
Suzanne is passionate about training and bringing her knowledge to the growing community of Consultants and therapists.


Xenia Standbridge

Xenia has worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies since 2003, firstly for 9 years as an employee in roles such as Head of Therapy Rooms and International Sales Support manager. For 3 years she was in a full time role developing international trade as well as becoming a Frontline Leader for NYR Organic in 2009 and supporting her team.  Xenia has a passion for sharing NYR blue bottles, ingredients and their therapeutic effects and she gets the greatest buzz from supporting every Consultant and Leader to find their own best path with NYR Organic.


Sian Hendra

Sian has been a Consultant since the Summer of 2009 and has grown her business whilst being a single parent.  When she joined, she had two other jobs and her NYROrganic business is now her full-time job and she loves it!  Now a Senior Ambassador, one of her many passions is training; enabling and motivating others in growing their business, just as she has done.